Thursday, 16 May 2013

Why Gangly Dog?

Mmmm, yes good question.
I wanted something that would work well with 'Wriggly Pig Records' Mark's record company. (Website under construction, but check link to Mark's website here). There already is a book called Wriggly Pig so a book company called that? No, probably not.
Our bony, runty dogs play quite a part in our lives and therefore seemed a good mascot.
Italian Greyhounds: affectionate, deranged snugglers whose mission in life is to suck warmth from your body — unless the sun is out, then they will streak outside and lounge with a Martini, soaking up the rays.
I checked many other names around the dog word and lo, there is a company already out there for just about every combination: black dog, black hound, dog ear, grinning dog . . . and so on. Gangly is one of my favourite words so that seemed like a good idea, also if you say the phrase too quickly a few times you can end up saying Dangly God Publications, which I rather like too.
So. What's going on in this particular shed?
Writing, and at some point launching of many other book projects that are waiting in various in-trays and cupboards. At the moment I am drowning in the unchartered waters of 'self publishing' — land nearly in sight as the first of my trilogy of novels 'Going out in the midday sun' gets ever nearer to being out there.
I had a book published by Puffin in 2004 'Alfi Beasti don't eat that' and of course they dealt with all the nail chewing editing stuff; of course I never realised how complex and extremely long the process is. I must have read the text forty-five times but it's incredible what still gets missed.

Why Kate A. Hardy —  not just Kate Hardy?
There is already a very successful lady writer out who shares my name; I think I read on her website that she has published something like fifty five Mills and Boon books, so I not a lot of web traffic would be going my way re book sales . . .
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